St. Louis Area Pinball
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So... Close? So... Close?
Earned for scoring only 1 point in a meet, the hard way.

Introduced 09/01/2011

Players With This Badge (15)

PlayerDate Earned
Tom OBrien03/01/2022
Lars Hagen01/26/2022
John Barnerd01/19/2022
Mike Maris12/08/2021
Tyler Keohane08/04/2021
Rod Unterreiner09/09/2020
James Brooks01/22/2020
Cody Rice01/21/2020
Cindy Platzer08/19/2019
Christine Noto06/10/2018
Grady Wilson10/15/2017
Alec Gleason05/03/2017
Greg Padavan08/30/2016
Dave Wente02/21/2013
Joe Guido11/28/2012